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Life beats us up! If you could use a breath of fresh air for your soul, you’ll be in good company at Faithway. Our church is a family of broken people who love each other and love helping others discover the real message of Jesus. We would love to connect with you this Sunday and encourage you in your spiritual journey in God’s grace!


Most people think that following Jesus is about reforming your personal behavior, becoming religious, and following a list of rules to earn God’s favor and forgiveness. This was not at all the message of Jesus. His message was about repenting of sin, receiving forgiveness and eternal life as a gift of God—by grace through faith. 

During the Service...

There will be corporate singing, praying, and preaching. We sing a mixture of traditional and modern hymns followed by an expository Bible message from our pastor.


the Service...

Our church family would love to get to know you! Take time to grab a snack and a coffee refill while we chat after the service.

We would love to hear from you!

To get in touch with us,

please find our contact info here.

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